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Promoting Businesses Through Training and Incubation

The Germinate business training and incubation program is a professional tailor made training for would-be entrepreneurs, early-stage startup entrepreneurs, graduate students and existing small business owners. The program equips beneficiaries with practical business management and operating experience.

The training spans from one week Micro-Business & Savings Game training to 3 months incubation and mentoring where beneficiaries turn to build prototypes for their business ideas or products and run pilot phases to test the market for their ideas or businesses.

The program has created and nurtured startups and businesses across the various sectors of the economy such as Agriculture, Manufacturing, Health, Education, Technology Business, B2B services, B2C services, Renewable Resources, Energy and Food & Nutrition.


  • Unemployed youth (18 – 36yrs)
  • Idea stage entrepreneurs
  • Early stage startup entrepreneur
  • University graduates


  • Call for applications
  • Interviews
  • Selections of applicants
  • Commencement of training
  • Incubation

How do we create jobs?

Our program runs for 6 months in a year where participants or beneficiaries are taken through 4 months period of technological training and skills acquisition, 2 months of business and skills incubation for them to grow ideas from the skills or training and then become self employed entrepreneurs or start-up owners.

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