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Girlcode is a technology and business skills set program which is designed the to take girls / women through coding and entrepreneurship to enable them to acquire skills needed or required in job field or to start a business and create employment for other colleagues. Girlcode runs in a form of workshops and long-term skills incubation for two weeks and three months respectively.

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Issue: Employability skills gap

About 75% of the total population of Ghana is made up of youth who are living in the urban and rural areas. Out of this has about 40% who are currently unemployed and searching for jobs due to the fact that they lack the skills needed to get them the current job openings within the market even though they have been schooled.

picuture of the recent GirlCode session

Issue: Gender Gap

Lower percentage of women and girls participating in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and Business / Entrepreneurship programs, events and opportunities that come with. Large percentage of these opportunities even though targeted towards both male and female are dominated by the male.

Why GirlCode

Girlcode is there to build the capacity of women and girls with coding skills and expose them to business development and entrepreneurship with the aim of bridging the gender gap between male and female technology inclined and entrepreneurs. It also seeks to create high skilled women and girls who turn to occupy technology job positions in various companies in and outside the country.

Providing a Platform where women's voices can be heard

women and girls who participate in GIRLCODE are given exposures to build-up their confidence in performing functions same as what men do during the train and this tends to push them to compete against men in similar fields which inspire others to do the same.

How it works

Girlcode runs for 3 months and twice in every year. The ladies are taken through two months of coding where they learn hard coding skills to build websites with learning resource materials provided to help them revise when the need be. After the two months of coding, they are pushed to bring out business ideas from the skills taught to help solve societal problems either for profit or non-profit purpose and they go through one month business incubation to help fine tune their ideas into business with seed capital.

Curriculum includes:

  • Web designing and development

  • Entrepreneurship

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