Benjamin Turkson

Ceo - Asa Nwura

"Joining the hub was a turning point for our waste management startup. The hub's comprehensive programs helped us refine our business model, optimize our operations, and adopt sustainable practices. Their mentorship and connections in the waste management industry guided us towards strategic collaborations and contracts. Today, GreenWaste Solutions is driving positive change in waste management, and we owe a great deal of our success to the hub's support."

Lanto Azasime

Lanto's Creative Concept

"The hub provided me with the inspiration and resources to grow as a creative artist. Their workshops and exhibitions showcased my work to a wider audience, and their network connected me with art enthusiasts and collectors. The hub's supportive community of fellow artists and mentors nurtured my talent and encouraged me to explore new creative avenues. Thanks to the hub, I've been able to turn my passion into a thriving artistic career."

Ralph Menz

CEO, Naa Sika

"The hub provided us with the perfect environment to build our fintech startup. Their expertise in the financial industry and access to regulatory guidance were invaluable in navigating the complexities of the sector. The hub's network connected us with potential investors and strategic partners, enabling us to secure funding and accelerate our growth. Thanks to the hub, FinTrack Solutions is revolutionizing financial services with our innovative solutions."

Mavis Yeboah

Yebitom Foods

"The hub played a pivotal role in our food production startup's success. Their expert guidance in food safety regulations and industry standards helped us establish a strong foundation for our operations. The hub's connections with local farmers and distributors enabled us to source high-quality ingredients sustainably. Additionally, their mentorship program provided us with valuable insights into scaling our business. FreshFoods is now a trusted provider of healthy and sustainable food options, and we credit the hub for our growth."